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We are experts in understanding how to help clients with more complex needs. We understand the lending guidelines used by banks and other lenders.

We carefully select our panel of lenders to ensure that we have a range of suitable finance providers available for our clients. We know these lenders’ policies back to front, as well as the hidden catches and potential problems you might face.

We also have an extensive in-house assessment process that means when you apply for credit, you will be putting your “best foot forward”.

Our brokers – or Lending Associates – are chosen not only for their experience and track record in helping people navigate difficult financial situations, but also for the all important “care factor” – they will work hard with you to help improve your financial position.

A broker is an independent finance professional that works on behalf of the client. We will…

  • Help our clients present their best case for finance to the lenders

  • Identify which lenders would best suit our client given their individual circumstances

  • Collect client information to help support the case for finance

  • Negotiate the best deal for our clients


A good broker can navigate the complex world of obtaining a loan for you – to consolidate your debts, refinance your home, or grow your business.

The first step a good broker will take is to perform a full review across all of a client’s finances, including:  

  • Assets and liabilities (i.e. what you own and what you owe)

  • Income and capacity to repay a loan

  • Credit worthiness

  • Security that can be offered to increase the ability to borrow

  • Stability of their employment and tenure of residential history.

The ThinkMe team works closely with clients to understand each of the above components, and then makes an assessment as to whether applying for a loan will improve that client’s financial situation.

If so, the ThinkMe broker will select the most appropriate lender to approach based on the client’s circumstance, and will develop a loan application for review and approval. We also take the next step, liaising directly with the lender/s and YOU in proceeding the application on your behalf.

There are two types of ways that we earn income.

  1. A brokerage fee is charged to clients for our service – however this is charged only if and when a loan is approved. This fee is usually added into the loan, so if you aren’t successful in obtaining finance, then we don’t charge a fee.

  2. Commission is paid by the lender to ThinkMe for introducing the customer to them – however just like the brokerage fee, this commission is paid to us by the lender only if and when the loan is finalised. Furthermore, the commission is not paid to our Lending Associates – this helps ensure our Lending Associates are totally independent and focused solely on the most appropriate outcome for their clients.


Case Study 1

I am a Self-employed plumber and I had started to feel like I was working to pay the Bank rather than actually have any funds for myself at all. All of my work was being paid straight to the bank for the home loan and the credit card and the overdraft I had – my sister was getting a loan and mentioned to me that I should try as well but I said I don’t have the tax up to date or anything so they won’t be able to help me. My Bank had already told me they could not help so I thought I had no chance.

Alison called me and talked me through everything – she could actually do it even though I did not have my tax done? She got all my paperwork and took care of everything for me – I really did not need to do too much. I could not believe when she could even payout my tax debt – no one wants to help you do that but she could. What really amazed me was now I have money left after paying the home loan – I save nearly $3,500 in a month now over what I used to pay the banks – wish I would have known about this – I would have done it ages ago.

Jason – Templestowe, Victoria

Case Study 2

Due to a workplace accident I had some 7 years ago, I was unable to continue in my position at the time and Tracie was forced to neglect her successful business to care for me. Unfortunately Tracie & I then found ourselves in a very poor financial position, with very little income, we relied on our credit cards to meet our expenses, and consequently then struggled to meet the required repayments. We knew we could end the cycle of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, if we could just refinance our home and consolidate our debt.

Then we were introduced to Mahalia at ThinkMe. In no time at all she offered us a solution by way of finding a lender who would enable us to consolidate all debt and in doing so greatly reduce our financial exposure. To this end, we have been able to pay all creditors and we now only have one monthly payment, saving us a considerable amount of interest and are now in a much stronger financial position and able to save.

The benefit of the re-financing has not only financially changed our lives but also mentally and emotionally. Not being afraid to answer the phone, open mail, and finally being able to plan for our future.

Kevin – Wetherill Park, NSW

Case Study 3

I could not get help anywhere and I had Lion Finance, Credit Corp and Debt Recoveries all after for me for money.

I was talking with Lion and they suggested I try ThinkMe. I was so happy to get Alison – she did all the work for me – I just had to send her statements and sign some forms – she did everything else.
It was great help – there were no dramas and she was always available by phone and e-mail – she kept me up to date – we talked all the time!

The service was so good and the rate I received was not ginormous like other rate quotes I received in the past – so I asked if she could help my brother – now his home loan is close to settling too. My home loan settled on my Birthday – what better present could I get – no more calls from debt collectors and one easy payment to pay everything off.

Sandie – Park Orchards, Victoria


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