A finance broker is a person who acts on behalf of a customer seeking a loan.

The finance broker is a specialist who usually has access to a number of lenders. They also have a relationship with different lenders and detailed knowledge of their products.

With this specialist knowledge, finance brokers are well positioned to assist customers in comparing loans and working out which product might be suitable for them.

Therefore, we find that people go to a finance broker to look at a number of alternative loans in one place rather than talking to each lender separately

In most cases, the broker charges an application fee to the customer – but only once finance is approved. That means they work hard for the customer before being paid and are paid on success. The finance broker also earns a commission from the lender as a percentage of the loan once it settles. Again, no loan, no commission.

ThinkMe Lending Associates are paid the same commission for every lender. So they have no preferences or lenders to push. They work for the customer and advocate the benefits of the customer to the lenders. So they work for you.


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