ThinkMe is all about providing financial opportunities to Australians that others won’t help.

We help rehabilitate the financial circumstances of Australians who typically have more complex needs. Whether the customer is self-employed with a good credit history or people who have had some troubles in their lives. We really want to help.

We are innovative and different and genuinely focus on what is best for the client. We focus on the customers strengths and help you build a profile that explains any complexities to the potential lender. If you are able to see the benefit then we are too. We are empathetic and look beyond a clinical assessment of someone’s finances by engaging with them more deeply and recognising their circumstances. Our lending associates are experienced and really understand that life throws us some challenges and your financial position needs to cater for this.

Our Personal Lending Associates are not incentivised with any particular product over another. They are all about getting the very best fit for you.

We listen to clients and recognise and treat them as valuable individuals. We are not simply about the numbers. We feel that by listening to you, then we can truly understand how to better help you.

What we believe in:

  • Helping those when others won’t
  • A fair go
  • The past is not the future
  • Set backs are a fact – we value moving onward
  • Lenders who look beyond a credit score
  • Dealing with like minded organisations
  • Clients facing their financial responsibilities
  • Not judging people


The information provided on this website is general in nature and is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered, nor does it constitute legal or financial advice. For further information, please see our disclaimer.